BLUE RIDGE TM LLC "One stop shop for all your trucking needs"

Terms & Conditions

Refund policy:

There are no refunds on services. The States and Gov offices do not issue refunds, therefore we can not issue refunds on services.


All the information provided to us by you, is how your filings are filed. If you provide the wrong information, you are held liable for this misinformation. You will be responsible for paying for the changes needed. All applications MUST be in writing or online completed by the owner, or by by whom ever has legal authority. We do not take applications by phone.

Privacy Policy:

Credit Cards by phone

We shred any credit card information given to us by the phone, once the charge is complete. The ONLY time your credit card is "on file" is if you tell us to do so. Usually this only happens if we have a customer who is set up for frequent permits or ACE or ACI Manifest. The only time we require to keep a credit card on file is for our ACE/ACI Manifest accounts, Drug&Alcohol program or Drive compliance accounts..

Email address

In an effort to go paperless, we would like the ability to get you your permits and filed documents as soon as possible. We do not sell your email address and it is only used for communication between you and our company. If you do not want to be informed of deadlines, new industry changes, or new services available to you, then simply let us know that you do not want to use an email or to delete/opt out your email address.

Your Personal and business information

We do not sell any of your personal or business information. Your information is only given to obtained State or Federal filings or permits.

Complaints or issues

We have never run into any serious issues with this one, but should an issue arise we will handle it the best we can with our customer. We have an extremely high referral rate (65%) and it is because of our helpful and informative business practices. We do what we can to help our customer's be successful out there and in turn we reap the benefits of referrals.

Affiliates (People we do business with)

We have several companies we work with to help our customer's. We only refer companies to our customers that we have not had lots of complaints about. If we receive several complaints, we figure out what the problem is and if we agree with our customer's who have complained, we then end our service with that affiliate. However, when we give our customer's information on Companies that can help them, we would expect that they would make a sound decision on the information they are handed before signing anything. Ultimately, it is the customer's decision to use the company provided (Example: Insurance, factoring, Load Board, bond company...) and Blue Ridge TM LLC will not be held liable. It is up to the customer to read all their contracts and agreements before they sign anything. Disclosure: Some pay us a referral fee and some do not.

Payment for services

We do not bill for our services or extend credit. The only billing we do is for quarterly fuel taxes, but we do not release the fuel taxes until we are paid. Unpaid invoices for fuel taxes, that go unpaid will be sent to our Attorney office Deming, Parker, Hoffman, Campbell & Daly for further collection efforts.

ACE ACI Manifest

If you are requiring the ability to cross the US/Canada border, you will need an ACE or ACI Manifest. It takes time to set up this account in order to obtain the manifest as soon as possible. There are many documents needed for security reasons. If you arrive at the border and do not have this account completely set up and approved, Blue Ridge TM LLC will not be liable for your fine/fines or your security issues at the border. You must be approved in order to order an ACE or ACI Manifest.  Also when ordering an ACE or ACI Manifest, you must give us some notice and not call while at the border waiting. You are aware of the load/loads you have accepted in advance, so there is no reason to not have the proper notice for your manifest to cross the border and Blue Ridge TM LLC will not be liable for a hold up at the border without proper notice. 

Required Quarterly Fuel Tax reporting

We process your fuel taxes according to what is provided to us. We do not pay your taxes, late fees or fines and Blue Ridge Tm LLC will not be held liable for these fees. We process your fuel taxes and deliver them to you via email or fax and you sign and mail off the taxes with the required payment. Our fee is for processing the fuel taxes for you. We inform all our customer's that they need to send their trip sheets (IVMR's) to us on a weekly or biweekly bases. If our fuel tax customer's send in all their entire quarter the last 1-2 weeks before they are due to their State, there is no guarantee they will be completed on time. If our customer sends in their fuel taxes late and they have a kyu, they will be charged a bond fee which could be as high as $2000. Blue Ridge TM LLC will not be liable for this bond payment. If our customer had us use their credit card to pay their Kyu bill, it is their responsibility to make sure they have a receipt showing this bill paid when we send them their fuel taxes. The last 2 weeks before the deadline is extremely busy and this is usually when customer's request this free service of paying their Kyu for them, so they need to verify that it was completed with a receipt in their hand before the deadline. If the customer sends fuel receipts or trip sheet originals through the mail, they are risking losing the original documents and Blue Ridge TM LLC will not be held liable.